A fitting tribute to my first novel

At critique group Friday night, we Midwives were discussing cover art from our first novels. I loved the cover art on the hardcover of my firstborn, Crazy for Trying, but Gary promptly dubbed this trade paper version "the blow job cover." In an eloquent statement about keeping one's art in perspective, my daughter Jerusha used an old copy to wallpaper our downstairs bathroom.


Love the bathroom artwork. Jerusha's very talented.

I've heard of another author who wallpapered a bathroom with rejection letters, which I thought was truly a fitting tribute. Though personally, I don't enjoy being surrounded by that kind of negativity. Particularly at my most vulnerable.

And as for CFT's cover, there are many times I've looked at cover artwork and wondered what on earth those responsible were thinking. IMO, Gary's comment offers a rare glimpse into the mind of the artiste! :)

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