Support our troops' wives: Staying Home is a Killer

Sara Rosett is out on the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit this week with the second in her Mom Zone mystery series, Staying Home is a Killer. As the wife of an Air Force pilot, Sara writes fiction that rings true, set in the all-too-real world of a homefront family.

So what's this book about?
Diaper bag over her shoulder and adorable toddler wriggling in her arms, Ellie Avery strives to balance motherhood, marriage, and her professional organizing business, Everything in Its Place, but her ordered world is thrown into disarray when a fellow military spouse’s death looks more like murder than suicide. Toss in her husband’s deployment and her daughter’s separation anxiety, and Ellie has to keep the home fires burning as she sort clues from chaos.

Sara describes her circuitous journey to the bookshelf:
"I loved going to the library with my mom when I was a kid. We'd go almost every Saturday and I still remember walking to the children's mystery section and thinking, "Please let there be a Nancy Drew I haven't read." ...Once I transitioned to the adult section in the library, I couldn't quite find my niche. It certainly wasn't romance. I knew I'd never be able to write steamy love scenes and suspense didn't quite fit me either.

Hopscotching around the country...from one Air Force base to another, I'd hit the base library and local libraries, always searching for a good book. I discovered a new type of fiction was emerging, mysteries with female protagonists who lived in America and did everything from kick-butt PI work to catering. This was a type of fiction I could write...I'd found my niche."

Go, Sara!


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