Colleen ist eine Berliner

I'm going to bug my BtO cohort Colleen Thompson to post a collection of her cool foreign covers. This one is for the German version of Fatal Error being released by Bertelsmann (the streuseler arm of Random House) in December.


Christie Craig said…
Wow! I love the cover, Colleen! And the new look of the B&O. Good job.

Thanks, Christie. I really liked this one, too. Some of my earlier foreign covers have been... well, *strange* doesn't begin to describe it. :)
Sandra Schwab said…
Lovely cover, Colleen! So you'll be published as crime fiction in Germany? Not the worst thing that could happen, since crime fic is biiiiig over here. :)

And I bet you'll be happy to hear that you're a Berlinerin and thus not a donut. ;-P

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