Coupon Girl: Becky Motew's debut

Becky Motew is touring the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit this week with her debut novel, Coupon Girl, a tale of love, longing, community theatre, and -- yes, coupons. Cruising Becky's website is a delight, and book buzz is healthy with raves from Library Journal:
The book's focus remains firmly on Jeanie, whose wry sense of humor and good-heartedness make her the kind of gal you'd want as a friend. Jeanie is not perfect, and she makes mistakes along the way-especially in the romance department-but she's a lot of fun...this book is strongly recommended for all fiction collections.

And Booklist:
Welcome to the not so glamorous but often hilarious worlds of mail-order marketing and community theater...Motew writes about every day life: work, family, relationships...there's plenty to love about this quirky novel.

Go, girlfriend, go!


Recently, a friend told me she'd picked up the book and loved it -- and she's one picky reader.

Sounds like fun!
lady macleod said…
Thanks for the tip, always up for a good read.

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