Jennifer O'Connel: Insider Dating

Jennifer O'Connel is touring the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit this week with the perfect summer beach book (or in the immortal words of Cosmo, “A poolside page-turner.”) Following the F + S = H formula (Funny plus Sexy equals Hot)...
One woman is about to take her knack for risk management to a whole new level in Jennifer O’Connell’s new novel, Insider Dating. Abby Dunn, barely past thirty and still reeling from her divorce, has taken herself off the dating market. Instead, she’s using her experience to turn the tables on the opposite sex by building a database to rank underperforming men and set women straight when investing their greatest asset: themselves.
Seems to me, Jennifer has struck on the perfect blend of art and commerce. She earned a BA from Smith and an MBA from the University of Chicago, and when she’s not writing, she works as a market strategy consultant. If that's not the recipe for a bestselling author, I don't know what is.

Check the girlfriend out!


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