Like a mother

Marguerite Duras: "For that's what a woman, a mother wants – to teach her children to take an interest in life."
Had to take a moment today for a little shout out to my mom -- author, editor, librarian, historian, photographer, pilot, musician, songwriter, Easter dress maker extraordinaire, Lois Lonnquist.

My childhood memories are largely soundtracked by the astonishingly fast keystrokes of my mother's bulky electric typewriter. (Ratatatttatattattatat DING!) The boxy camera on a leather strap. The smell of the darkroom chemicals. The loop-dee-loops her flight instructor hoped would prove she didn't have The Right Stuff (which of course, she did.) The bank of guitars and mandolins hanging on the wall. Summer days at the library and shelves and shelves of books at our house.

Mom instilled in me and my five sibs an enormous love of words, language, art, and life. How was I supposed to turn out to be anything but a writer?


Your mom sounds great, obviously a real free spirit! I can definitely see her mark on you.

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