Say It Isn't So - Miss Snark Retires Blog

Anonymous agent "Miss Snark" has been a blog staple for years. Her acerbic commentary, helpful advice, and devotion to gin and George Clooney (full disclosure: I share one of those loves; can you guess which one?) have garnered her legions of fans and over two million hits.

But alas, Miss Snark is retiring her blog and leaving us the captains of our own nitwittery. (Anybody have a crap-o-meter I can borrow?) She'll remain an agent (anonymous as ever), and Killer Yap will continue to keep an eye on her.

The blogosphere won't be the same without you, Miss Snark. You'll be missed!


lady macleod said…
Joni Rodgers said…
Oh no!

Miss Snark will indeed be missed.

And I seriously want to know who she is. I happen to be in the market...
TJ Bennett said…

I think I know. However, I don't want to reveal her here. But, I'm pretty sure I know because of putting two and two together on a couple of facts that came into my hands. A friend told me her secret identity was on the verge of coming out, and she may have decided to quit the blog for that reason. If someone else, or she, goes public with it on the 'net, I'll let you know here.


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