Megan Crane: Frenemies

Megan Crane is touring the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit with Frenemies, a hilarious novel about growing up and realizing that your worst enemy – and best bud – just might be yourself.

From the Press Kit:
FREN-E-MY\noun: The friend who gives you the sweetest smile to your face, while holding the sharpest knife to your back.

We’ve all heard the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” but what if they’re one and the same? It’s the cardinal, number-one girlfriend rule: don’t date your friend’s ex. In Frenemies by Megan Crane (5 Spot; June 20, 2007; Paperback Original; $13.99), it is Gus Curtis’ supposed friend and old college roommate Helen who breaks that rule and goes one step further: she doesn’t just date an ex-boyfriend; she steals him from right under Gus’s nose. Just a few months shy of her 30th birthday, Gus discovers Nate, her "Mr. Right," hooking up behind her back with her so-called "friend" Helen. Soon it seems despite working to hard to appear all grown up, Gus is still living the life of a teenager. Gus is left with more questions than answers: Can she win Nate back before she turns 30 (And if so, does she really want him?) Is Helen really as devious and manipulative as she seems, or, worse, is Gus more like her frenemy Helen than she’d care to admit? And is she ever going to grow up? With the clock ticking down to her birthday, Gus discovers that sometimes the best thing about best-laid plans is trashing them altogether. In FRENEMIES, Gus experiences first hand what happens when you reach that inevitable point in life when you must surrender yourself to adulthood and the big 3-0.

Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who graduated from Vassar, got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England, and now lives in LA. She won raves for her first two books, Everyone Else’s Girl and English as a Second Language.

Go, girlfriend, go!


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