Online Class: "Making Scenes Matter"

Alicia Rasley is a wonderful teacher. If you're looking to improve your novel's scenes, I would highly recommend this online class.

Online class: July 18-31, 2007
"Making Scenes Matter" by Alicia Rasley
Registration at

Scenes are what readers will remember long after
they've forgotten the intricate plot or the hero's
name. They'll remember that brush with death or the
hero and heroine sharing a hot fudge sundae or the
mother visiting her child in the hospital -- the
scenes that made them shiver and laugh and cry. Scenes
are the units of action and emotion.

So in this class, workshop leader Alicia Rasley will
guide you in conceptualizing and organizing a scene
for greater power and drama, including:

* Scene purpose
* Character goal
* Opening
* Rising conflict
* Emotional arc
* Ending surprise or disaster

Alicia Rasley leads writing workshops across the
country, and teaches writing classes through her
website, .

This two-week series of e-mail lectures should have
you looking, thinking and writing in a whole new way.
You can read the lectures and do the (always optional)
homework at your pace, while checking in with the
teacher daily to ask specific questions, get clarity
on any issue of concern and see how other writers work
out their individual solutions.

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