Every so often, my brain needs rebooting. Especially this summer, on the heels of a tight deadline, a tough business decision, and -- heaven help us -- a blown AC compressor (in the Houston area's legendary subtropical soup & a summer of epic mosquitodom).

Sometimes, getting away gives us perspective. Spending time with family and walking the beach each morning and evening reminded me there is another life outside of my imagination -- and that it's a life worth living while I can. The manchild's growing up too quickly, leaving both my husband and I all too aware that each vacation together could be the last one spent together. We make a special effort to savor the moment, to hold onto it and squeeze out each drop of memory we can.

The photo is the view from our condo in Port Aransas, a kitschy-cool beach town on Mustang Island in South Texas. Wonderful shrimp, brightly-painted golf carts to bump over the beach in, tacky shell souvenirs, and miles and miles of salt-scented surf to walk and clear the mind.

Besides that, it gave the AC compressor a chance to come in. And there was great rejoicing...


Joni Rodgers said…
Ah, nothing like the beach.

Welcome home.
TJ Bennett said…
Welcome back, Colleen! Sounds like your vacation was much more restful than my own. Still, fun was had by all, and that's what counts!

Jennifer Ashley said…
OMG, I know all about having the AC go out. Not fun. I don't get semi-tropical here, but I do get temps of 110. So what if it's a dry heat--it's still HOT!
So nice that you could run away to a beautiful beach! I did that last week, to the California coast, where it was only 70 (aaahhh). Getting away does give you back perspective--no phones, email, reviews, deadlines, contracts, or hard decisions. It clears the head something wonderful, doesn't it?
Glad you had a good time!
I know what you mean about the AZ "dry heat" blast furnace, since I lived in Yuma for 3 (or was it 300) years.

I deliberately left my laptop at home so I wouldn't write, e-mail, or even think about anything but chilling with la familia. And I'm extremely stingy with my cellphone # for the same reason, although I always give it to my agent in case Spielberg calls with a fat offer.

Love those California beaches, btw. And temps in the 70s sound like heaven. It's a pestilential, hellish swamp here right now. Can't spend much time outdoors for fear of being carried off by the skeeters.

Ah, Houston in the summer...

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