Dog-Gone It...

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”
—Francis Bacon

My recently-adopted shelter mutt, Jewel, is a really sweet dog, but also really lucky. Really lucky we're suckers and haven't bounced her back to the shelter on account of her crimes against property. From the bathroom woodwork to a section of carpet, we had several major issues in the first few weeks she lived here. But we've worked with her, and she's much better now.

Well, mostly. She still eats my husband's shoes upon occasion, and the other day she chewed up a couple of paperbacks from my massive To Be Read stack. Seems the dog, like her owner, has developed a taste for romantic suspense. I've been trying to thin the TBR stack lately, but this really isn't what I had in mind. So now Jewel's back to getting crated in my absence, when she wreaks occasional havoc due to separation issues.

Or maybe I should buy her her own books, for example this doggie scratch n' sniff. Seriously... I kid you not.

Is it just me, or is this some kind of sign that our civilization is trembling on the precipice of Total Collapse? I love my dogs and all, and I'm very much in favor of the publishing industry (and authors) making a buck, but my "girls" would rather smell other things. And even if they weren't more interested in sniffing out my son's disgusting football socks, subatomic particles from last night's dinner on the kitchen floor, and each other's keisters, I'm not sure I want to fuel either canine's interest in the written word.

Around here, there are plenty of defenseless books with shivers running up their spines at the very thought.


Bonnie Vanak said…
LOL Colleen. When they were puppies, my first Shih Tzu dogs like to chew on paperbacks. They had a particular bent toward historicals, like me. Except when I devour a book, I don't do it literally. :-)
Maybe our dogs believe they're shredding our competition. Out of loyalty, of course. :)

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