Everyone's Raving About These Writing Workshops

I've been hearing so many great things about Patricia Kay's online novel-writing workshops from her students -- rave after rave. But it wasn't until she pinch-hit for me last month while I was recovering from a nasty virus that I had the chance to see first-hand what a terrific teacher she is.

All About Scenes & Sequels
Instructor: Patricia Kay

About the Instructor: Patricia Kay is the USA TODAY bestselling author of more
than 45 novels of romance and women's fiction. She is a former writing teacher
with the University of Houston and has given her acclaimed workshops all over
the country.

When: October 8 - 31, 2007

Do the principles of scene and sequel strike terror in your heart? Learn how to
master story construction using this proven method. In a series of lectures,
homework assignments, examples, and class discussion, you will learn the
elements necessary to write terrific scenes and compelling sequels. Here's what
one former student said:

"Out of all the writers I've listened to over the years, you're the one who has
been able to explain things in a language that I can understand. Since I first
heard you speak about Scene & Sequel on the AskAnAuthorAll e-mail loop, the
aspect of PLOT has really been clicking for me. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm
getting close to being able to put the whole story structure thing together."
--- Sheila Seabrook

Cost: $25 payable by check or PayPal. If paying by check, send your check to
Patricia Kay, PO Box 441603, Houston, TX 77244-1603.

If paying by PayPal, send your payment to pk@patriciakay.com

Registration Deadline: September 30th


Kimberly Frost said…
Colleen & Joni,

Lots of great posts. I recently met a writer who finished a YA novel and is about to begin her agent search. I sent her the link to Boxing the Octopus to read your posts about agents. Keep up all the good work! :)
PatriciaKay.com said…
Thank you, Colleen. I really appreciate your kind words. It was great fun pinch-hitting for you, but I sure am glad you're feeling better now. This blog is a great service to writers. It's really nice of you to provide it.
Thanks for the kind words! Joni and I have enjoyed "giving back" through this blog.

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