First, do no harm: Should there be a 'litblogger's Code of Ethics'?

Very much appreciated Jane Ciabattari's Wednesday post about litblogging ethics over on Critical Mass, including this subsequent comment:

The [National Book Critics Circle] includes members who are literary bloggers whose blogs carry regular book reviews and interviews and podcasts as well as members who are book reviewers for newspapers, broadcast,online publications, magazines, the full range of publications in the 21st century. And as the various forms shift and migrate, it makes sense to answer questions members raise about ethics and what guidelines might be appropriate. That said, yes, some reviewers don't follow the guidlines. And readers pick that up quickly. As for the issues, they have to do with the ethical guidelines suggested by the Online News Association noted in the post. i.e., "The cornerstones of this code of ethics are to 1) Be honest and fair. 2)Minimize harm. 3)Be accountable." And the question is, should these or other ethical guidelines also apply to litbloggers?

I vote yes.


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