Quickie from Laguardia

In New York for the day, just long enough to stop by and give a dear friend a shnuz before jogging up the street to meet my literary agent. Back at Laguardia waiting for my flight and decided to post a quick one to the blog before departure time.

One question: Whose life is this?

As I strode up Park Avenue after leaving my agent's office, a man fell into step beside me and said, "Life is good, is it not?"

"Yes," I said. "Tell me what's especially good about your life today."

"Just saw Phantom of the Opera. The way they change the stage and all that--holy moley!"

"Ah, the Broadway high," I nodded, understanding completely. "I hear ya."

"I'm not a rapist," he decided to mention.

"Me neither," I said. "One more thing we have in common."

"Thanks for talking."

"My pleasure."

"You know what else is good? Flank steak. And pretzels."

"And taxis," I said because one had finally stopped for me. I gave the stranger a quick shnuz and headed home.

Lord, I love New York.


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