Friday, September 14, 2007

You Might Be a Writer if You Laugh at This

Here's a Youtube video that's been making the rounds. If you've ever had a conversation with an editor or agent (or even a critique partner) that's left you scratching your head, you'll laugh in recognition. Enjoy!


Suzan Harden said...

LOL - I think that was my last agent pitch!

Jolie Mathis said...

So funny!!!

Lark Howard said...


This is one of my favorites about rejection from British TV:

Isn't youtube grand?

Colleen Thompson said...

Oh gosh, Lark. I love that one, Bernard's Rejection. Everyone should check it out.

Christie Craig said...

Funny stuff, Colleen! But like Suzan I think I've been there done that before. In pitches to agents/editors sometimes it's not what we say that make its great, but what we don't say.

Thanks for the chuckle.



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