Reconnecting with Life

Don't get me wrong. Focus is essential to the writer. But too much focus can be stifling. When we live solely in our heads, we miss out on so many great stories, stories that can only come to us through other people, other places, different realities.

I met some amazing women this past week in Montana. All of them have narratives and settings, dreams and disappointments. Hopes.

Had I remained in my cave, chipping away at my deadline, I would have missed the opportunity to connect with them, an act which, for all I know, may have planted the seeds for my next crop of fiction. Because writers process life that way, and this trip has given me so much to ponder.

For example: Why do I live in the Houston area, where it's 90 and humid in the middle of October? And why does Joni Rodgers (left) have steam coming out of her head in the middle photo? I'm really not that annoying on a road trip.

Am I?


Joni Rodgers said…
Could that steam coming out of my head be a sizzle of creative energy? Or maybe I'm just a smokin' hot babe?

You weren't annoying in the least. A lovely travel pal. I look forward to sharing future adventures!
Jennifer Ashley said…
Thanks for sharing the pics, Colleen! I completely agree that coming out of the cave and experiencing real life is a must for writers. Not enough focus is bad; too much focus is bad. The writing life should be a balance of creativity out--creativity in.

Sounds like you had a great time!!
Hi, Jen,
Hope you've managed some down time, too. I know you're also on a tight deadline (probably two or three of them)!

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