Cracking the Whip... on Myself

Wrote a ton yesterday. Completed the book's climax, which was a blast to write. Then I got in a hurry and tried to whip out the final chapter.

It's bad. So rushed and genuinely crap-tacular that I'm deleting the thing completely and praying it will never be resurrected from its component electrons and brought back to the light.

I always do this. I get so eager to reach the most blessed words in the English language (The End) that I spew out complete dreck in an attempt to get there. The problem is, this book, its characters, and its readers deserve better.

So it's back to the salt mines until I get it right.

Wish me luck.


Joni Rodgers said…
See, this is why I write the end right after I write the beginning. That way the rush-to-comlpetion craptacular dreck ends up somewhere in the middle. Down to my last three transition scenes.

First one home buys coffee.