Francine Prose on reading like a writer

From Reading Like a Writer: a Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them by Francine Prose:
"Like most -- maybe all -- writers, I learned to write by writing and, by example, by reading books. Long before the idea of a writer's conference was a glimmer in anyone's eye, writers learned by reading the work of their predecessors. They studied meter with Ovid, plot construction with Homer, comedy with Aristophanes; they honed their prose style by absorbing the lucid sentences of Montaigne and Samuel Johnson. And who could have asked for better teachers: generous, uncritical, blessed with wisdom and genius, as endlessly forgiving as only the dead can be?"


I totally agree that massive quantities of reading combined with a real love of language and story are all the tools a writer *really* needs. Everything else is gravy...

But learning to survive in publishing requires another set of skills completely.

Hope you're feeling better.