If You Think My Nose Looks Bad, You Should See the Grindstone!

It's rougher than an old cob, full of inconsistencies waiting to be ironed out, and probably reeks with typos, but my draft (AKA the neverending story) now has a beginning, a middle, and praise the muse, an end.

That's right, Santa came early and we have a draft, folks. The next few weeks will be dedicated to sanding the rough off of this baby and getting it as smooth as I (and my crack team of brilliant critique partners) can make it.

Merry Christmas (or insert your own holiday). I'm stepping away from the keyboard for a couple of days to chill.


Karen Kelley said…
I loved reading through the blog entries especially since I got two sets of copy edits on Thursday. One has to be finished and back by the 3rd and the other by the 9th and I have 40 pages written on a book due March 6th.

Breaks are nice. Especially when I'm reminded there are others going through the same thing. LOL Thanks!
Barbara Vey said…
Merry Christmas to the Octopus group and a very Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays to all!
Oy, on those deadlines. Tough stuff. Good luck and hope you manage a nice holiday anyway.

Thanks, Barbara, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Joni Rodgers said…
YAY! Go, Colleen! Can't wait to set eyes on the opus.

Enjoy a lovely, well-earned holiday. Coffee's on me when I get back.

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