Ready, Aim... Climax!

Evvvvverybody loves a great climax... Even the literary kind. It's the pinnacle, the culmination of all the tricky foreplay, rising tension, and every other factor that goes into drawing the book's bowstring.

When you finally let go, there's this amazing twang, and... if you're lucky... the arrow strikes it's target. A bull's eye for both the author and the reader.

More often, my book's climaxes miss their mark the first time. Lucky for me that I can turn back time through the time-lapsed magic of revision and correct the arrow's course. I'm also inclined to listen to a few trusted early readers, who serve to guide me to the mark.

But not even the knowledge that my first shot will be faulty can dampen my enthusiasm for this moment. Because this week, I'm writing my book's climax... which means "The End" is very much in sight.

See ya on the other side! (Leeeroooyy Jennnkinnnsss!!!!)


Alyssa Day said…
woo hooo on THE END!! I'm so jealous!!! Have a wonderful holiday!!
Suzan Harden said…

I can never look at Warcraft the same way again.

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