Foreign Cover Fun: The Good, the Bad, and the Perplexing

Joni's been after me for a while to post some of my foreign covers. I've had some pretty good ones lately. Had to go back to my Gwyneth Atlee (my old pseudonym, used before I began writing romantic suspense under my real name) historicals to come up with some jaw droppers.

With foreign covers, anything can happen. Mountains can appear in the background of a Galveston, Texas island setting. Civil War era beauties can find themselves clads only in towels, and celebrated steamboats can come equipped with sails. Imaginative, yes. Accurate, hardly, but I'm thinking the bare chests counted for more than the historical details.



Joni Rodgers said…
Rainy weather had me offline much of the day, but nothing so tempestuous as "Storm in de Nacht".

Those are campy, but I agree you've had some cool ones more recently. EG:

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