Here's to a Phoenix - or Is that a Bat?

A few days ago I blogged about the many, many authors who have survived tough breaks in publishing and gone on to great success. I'd like to salute one of them, the brilliantly-hilarious Kerrelyn Sparks who has just today hit the New York Times bestseller list (at #14 in mass market!) with her new release The Undead Next Door.

Kerry broke into publishing with a fun and funny historical (For Love or Country.) Her fresh, witty voice made the book a delight, but the market shifted and she had to adapt. She did so by recognizing her humor as her strength and capitalizing on it in a brand new venue. The result, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire was a big success - and a fabulous book, too.

So congratulations, Kerrelyn. You're an inspiration to every writer in the trenches, and we here at BtO wish you all the best.


Kerrelyn Sparks said…
Colleen, you're a sweetheart! We have definitely been in the trenches together!! We both ended up re-inventing ourselves about the same time, giving up historicals to move on to dead bodies and bats! I am so thrilled with your recent success, and I know more great things are headed your way!

Thanks, Kerry, and I'm so glad you flew by! :)

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