Triple Exposure's Cover Unveiled

I couldn't wait to show off the brand new cover for my upcoming romantic suspense, Triple Exposure, which is due out on July 29, 2008.
It has all its feathers & toes, and I'm delighted!


Christie Craig said…

This is fabulous! It also is also visually similar to The Salt Maiden, with color and formatting. Which is great for cover branding. I love it.


Gorgeous, Colleen. And ditto what Christie said about branding--they're similar enough that I thought it might be a related book.

And love that your name is almost as big as the title! Pretty soon it'll be:

book title

Thanks for the kind words, Christie and Tera. The Salt Maiden and Triple Exposure have similar West Texas desert settings, so I'm sure the art dept. was going for an "in-kind" spooky look.
Teri Thackston said…
I agree. You've got "a look" going on now. Great new cover.
Suzan Harden said…
Cool Cover, Colleen! Is there a theme that the animals pictured on the last two covers have a relationship with a certain Greek Goddess of Wisdom? VBG
TJ Bennett said…
Love the cover, Colleen. With that and the fabulous writing inside it, this is sure to be a big hit!

Thanks for the kind words, Teri, TJ, and Tera.

And *of course* I did that on purpose, tying the symbology of the cover arts and books' motifs to the goddess of... (cough, cough)

Well, maybe not, but let's just call it a happy accident. :)
Joni Rodgers said…
Gawgeous, sister, gawgeous!
Kerrelyn Sparks said…
Great cover, Colleen! Beautiful, but ominous. It certainly draws the attention! Predicting great sales in your future!

Kim Lenox said…

What a beautiful and yes, as Kerrelyn said, ominous cover. I love the owl.
Thanks so much, Joni, Kerrelyn, and Kim!

Congrats on your new cover, too, Kim. It's a beauty! And Kerry, I'm still in awe of the NYT thing. Yay, you!!!

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