Help Houston Fire Station 6 with Your Vote!

I owe my husband big time, not only in real life but in the writing department. He supports my career with gusto, has taken me seriously from Day One, and is my go-to guy for research involving emergency services. Recently, his Houston Fire Station entered Gallery Furniture's Create Your Own Commercial contest to win $25K worth of merchandise to replace their ancient, mangy furnishings.

I think their commercial came out great, but it needs votes to have a shot at winning (requires a quick & simple registration). If you can spare a few minutes to help out, please follow this link and cast your vote

Or you can simply visit Gallery Furniture and click on the video contest link, then find the entry for Station 6. Should be halfway down the "most recent" lists.

Most folks don't realize it, but the firefighters, who work 24-hour shifts in many places (Houston included), supply their own televisions, pots and pans, food items, bedding, newspapers, and telephones. And the guys would be very appreciative if
any of you could take a few minutes of your time to help.

Thanks bunches!


Suzan Harden said…
I voted! Tell DH and his boys to break a leg on the contest. It was a nifty video!
Anonymous said…
I voted, Colleen. Jersey Girls stick together. Pat Rosen
Thanks so much, Suzan & Pat!

And there seem to be quite a few of us Jersey Girls in Houston, Pat! :)
Elen Grey said…
Voted! Loved the -- Save You Money!
Firefighters are near and dear to my heart. You guys rock!

Much cheer.
Thanks so much, Elen!

Glad you like firefighters. May you never need their services. :)
Elen Grey said…
--May you never need their services. :)--

You're welcome, Colleen. Oh.I've had the aide of a firefighter in my community. Fortunately, it didn't involve fire.

Much cheer.
Joni Rodgers said…
Go fight win Station 6!
What a lovely way to reach out and help such a worthy cause, Joni. Here's wishing Station 6 wins!
I had to remove the video, which wouldn't stop playing each time the blog was accessed, but you can still follow the links to see it and vote!

Thanks, everybody!

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