More on that Gulfstream

Joni's mention of the gulf stream piqued my interest, since I'm currently reading (and enjoying) Karen Harper's romantic suspense novel Below the Surface. In the book, she makes several references to the Winslow Homer painting "Gulf Stream." I loved that she did this, and I have to think that this painting is especially meaningful to authors. Here in the dangerous waters of publishing, there be dragons, sharks, and, you know, the occasional boxing octopus.

Yet most of us are like those valiant, death-defying sailors of old: too stubborn or addicted to quit riding the waves. So come and join me today (now that I've completed my galleys!) The water's fine!


Joni Rodgers said…
I was morbidly fascinated with that painting when I was a kid.

And yay for done galleys!

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