Time & Distance & Revision

Did you miss me? I've been away from the blog, away from the Internet (gasp!) for about nine days. Thanks to Joni for keeping up BtO in such grand style.

I spent the week visiting my family across the country. It was a quiet trip. No gliders or mountain vistas or long hikes to view wildlife, but one of those introspective journeys where you spend hours and hours chatting with the folks who knew you first and face up to the You you might have been if you'd stuck around the homestead.

In addition to getting my family fix, the trip brought me a writing gift as well. With my nose forcibly pried from the grindstone, I was able to get enough time away and distance from the project at which I'd been laboring to give me valuable perspective. Somehow, I'd forgotten the lesson that it's blinding to stare at any one point so closely and for so long. Coming back to it now, I see it as if for the first time, as cleanly and with as much detachment as if I were editing someone else's work.

It's a valuable gift, this perspective. I'm going to try my best to remember it the next time I spend week after week churning through the same pages.

Hope you all have had a grand week too!

By the way, the artwork is Perspective Box 1660-1680 by Pieter Janssens Elinga. Find out more here.


Joni Rodgers said…
Welcome home, Colleen. And thanks for the nice art moment.

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