Julie Anne Long on Deadline Preparedness

"In the interest of preserving the sanity of authors everywhere, Julie has philanthropically decided to share a few of the things she keeps in her Deadline Preparedness kit. Watch and learn."

Julie is having a blog party this week over at RED ROOM, an online community of diverse authors incuding Amy Tan, Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snickett), Jon Stewart, Susan Wiggs, Melissa Bank, and Jane Smiley.

(Not to mention Jack Daniels.)


Heh, heh... Loved this. Thanks for sharing!

Colleen, whose own deadline survival kit includes Jelly Bellies, camo cargo pants, copious amounts of tea, and a couple of dogs who occasionally remind me to get up from the computer.

And critique partners as well to talk me off the ledge from time to time.

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