Seeking Your Stories: Writer Reinvention

Recently, I've discussed what happens when the rain comes down in an author's career. The hard times may come in the form of a gentle downward spiral or a meteoric plunge, but whichever the case, they're fearsome, demoralizing, and downright dangerous.

But often, they're survivable, if the author has perseverance, market savvy, and the chutzpah to try reinventing herself, often in another genre or under another name. (A writer friend of mine calls this "entering the Author Protection Program." Usually, it's for protection against past sales numbers, which unfortunately rule our lives.)

A number of people contacted me, mostly via private e-mail since it's such a sensitive issue, to tell me they were either going through or had been through such challenges and let me know that they appreciated writers openly discussing this all-too-common phenomena. As a result, I pitched and placed an article in an upcoming issue of the Romance Writers of America's trade magazine, The Romance Writer's Report, which will appear in the August edition.

I'm looking for additional feedback, both on the frustrations of being an author at the crossroads or on tips which have led the writer to a successful comeback. If you'd prefer to keep your comments private, please feel free to e-mail. Anonymous comments are also fine, but if you care to share your name, you're welcome to give me the title of a book you'd like mentioned if I'm able to use a quote. (Space is limited.) If you know someone this subject may interest, please take a moment to forward them a link to the blog.

Thanks for letting me know this is a subject that's of interest. We rely on your comments to keep this blog relevant to writers at different stages of their careers.


Joni Rodgers said…
I think that's a great topic to ponder because it goes beyond the numbers and market issues to the way we must naturally reinvent ourselves throughout our lives.

I'll be posting my two cents worth tomorrow.

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