Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Print Runs... and Story Construction

Today on BtO, two great educational opportunities for writers, one free, one close to it, and both highly recommended.

One of the toughest things for newer authors to understand is print runs. What are they? Who determines how large mine is? And what can I do to determine and impact my place in my publishers' pecking order?

Author extraordinaire Jennifer Ashley has explained it beautifully here on her writing blog. Wish I'd read and understood this years ago, because it could have saved me a very bumpy learning curve.

And for those of you interested in taking an incredibly information online class on fiction presented by a master writer instructor and veteran novelist, check out Patricia Kay's The A-B-Cs of Story. Pat's classes get rave reviews, and for $30 you get the following:

* What is a story? The three-act structure

* Your opening: setting the stage, the inciting incident

* Creating characters we can root for

* Writing scenes: Scenes Equal Action

* Writing Sequels: Sequels Equal Aftermath

* Whose point of view?

* Writing the love scene

Hope you'll check it out!


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