Happy Mother's Day!

Along with a hearty amen! to Colleen's "Writer as Mother" post below, I wanted to give a shout out to my fabulous writer/editor mom, Lois Lonnquist.

If you're as disorganized as I am (totally oblivious to the fact that today was Mother's Day until Malachi and his girlfriend presented me with a rug they'd found on the side of the road) it's not too late! Hopefully, your mom slept in or is conveniently located in a tag-along time zone, and there's still a few hours to express your true feelings with one of the irreverent Mother's Day cards found on someecards.com.

(This heartfelt Mother's Day sentiment came to me from the Gare Bear. And I know he really means it.)


Heh, heh on those cards!

And nothing says I love you like a good side-of-the-road rug. :)

Happy belated Mom's Day to you and yours.
Elen Grey said…
Verra cool cards! Are we going to see a pic of this side-of-the-road rug? lol
Joni Rodgers said…
It's actually a really nice rug! We ran the carpet cleaner over it and installed it in the living room. (Moral of that story: Don't have your friends help you move.)

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