Keri Smith on how to be a miserable artist

My son sent me this right on guide to misery from author, illustrator, "guerilla artist" Keri Smith. Timely and true for writers.

Have a non-miserable day, everyone!


Very wise -- and all too true. Thanks for sharing!
This list is spot on and should be required reading for all artists and artists-in-training; nay, it should be glued to the inside of all artists' foreheads. Thanks for providing the sticky!
Joni Rodgers said…
I feel very evolved. I've actually extended my unachievable goal deadline to next week.

And I do so love it that my son drew this out of the ether and sent it to me.
Elen Grey said…
I loved this list, Joni, and sent my blog readers over here today to check it, and BTO, out.

This is one of the few blogs I have on RSS feed. Much cheer.

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