Night Shift to the Rescue

Last night, at precisely 3:30 AM, I woke up with lines of prose downloading into my head. Resonant prose, too good to lose, though my bed was warm and comfortable and I knew I needed more sleep.

I repeated the key words, willing myself to remember, for those lines were the solution to a snooze-fest of a scene I'd been fighting during the last two waking days. More words downloaded into my mind: another line provided by the night shift of subconscious.

Reaching for my glow-pen (I don't recall its real name, only that I can click it twice to make the tip glow), I remembered I'd left my usual nightstand pad of paper in the family room. Beside my laptop. Thoroughly awake now, I slipped out of bed without disturbing either my husband or the small terrier curled at my feet. I found a robe and pair of slippers, made myself some decaf chai tea, and woke up my computer. For the next two hours, I let the night shift have its way with me, reworking the scene with which I'd struggled.

Finally, my eyes drooped, and I went back to bed awhile. Now I'm off to check the night shift's work, which will doubtless reek with spelling errors (I'm a good speller by daylight, but after about eleven, all bets are off) but which, I hope, will have a raw power the subconscious brings to night maneuvers.

What about you? Are you ever lured out of your bed by great ideas? Or poor ones?


elengreywriter said…
Now, I had to smile when I saw your image and read your post, Colleen. I'm often lured out of bed to work on something that won't let go.

I love the nighttime, when the city sleeps. It produces some of my best work. If I ignore that call, I usually regret it. It's not the same the next day. Not even if I made a note or two.

But, tell me about this light pen? :-)
They're called light-up pens, light pens, or LED pens. You can find them on Ebay, Amazon, or lots of other places. Here's a link for one:

My husband is occasionally weirded out when he awakens to see the lighted tip floating (seemingly) in the darkness. But at least I can more-or-less read my notes in the morning. More of less because I don't keep my glasses handy. :)
elengreywriter said…
Oh, thanks. I'll check it out.

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