So What Is It, Dear, That Makes YOURS So Special?

The world isn't out there screaming for another novel about the interior landscape of a frustrated housewife. It doesn't need just another adequate romance or another serviceable thriller or another average name-your-genre because, if truth be told, there are all too many out there crowding bookstores, Wal-Marts, and remainders bins in warehouses.

So why, I ask you -- as well editors and agents and individual readers -- does the world need yours? What is it that makes your vision unique and appealing, fresh and exciting? Why should anyone pick up your effort in preference to the known quantity of an established favorite author?

If you can succinctly put this difference into words, you've got yourself at least a few seconds of an agent or an editor's attention. If you can't get it across, you've got yourself a problem.

So today, practice quantifying why your work is special. (For an example, see my post from yesterday, Framing a Career.) If you're brave enough to share, I'll be happy to give feedback in the comments section.

By the way, I borrowed this great old photo from an old magazine ad from Jim Hudd's hilarious Do What Now? which is chock full of hilarious commentary on vintage hokey. I love this site - and this hair model's smolderingly knowing look!


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