Fringe Benefits of Creative Writing

According to a study by the University of Texas in Austin, creative writing -- or any type of creative work -- has an unexpected benefit. It's apparently terrific for your health and well-being. Sociology professor John Mirowsky, speaking to Bio-Medicine, says,
"The health advantage of being somewhat above average in creative work (in the 60th percentile) versus being somewhat below average (in the 40th percentile) is equal to being 6.7 years younger."

Better yet, he claims this advantage is as beneficial as having fifteen times the household income or two more years of education.

So the next time some helpful "friend" or concerned relative suggests you focus on getting yourself or working harder at a "real" job, I humbly suggest you tell them that you would, but you down want to end up feeling older, poorer, and more ignorant.

Take *that*, forces of muggledom!


Elen Grey said…
LOL Amen, sistah! Writing with benefits. ;-)

Happy weekend.
this is the definition of WIN.

-supporting creativity
-supporting authors
-marvelous book reference
Colleen said…
Thanks, Dreamer! The kind words are definitely appreciated.

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