Paying It Forward, Candy Havens Style

Today I attended author Candace Havens' highly-regarded workshops on "Fast Draft" and "Revision Hell," where she shared lots of helpful ideas to help speed up your writing and clean up the ensuing mess. ;) Two things about Candy impressed the heck out of me. First, she manages to hold down a full-time job as an entertainment reporter (which includes frequent Texas to Hollywood commutes), write columns, raise young men, teach online and in-person workshops, and oh, yeah, write three books a year. Clearly, she has come into possession of Hermione Granger's time-altering device. Secondly, the woman gives a ton of her time helping aspiring writers (and published writers as well) make their way toward the brass ring. Follow the link to check out her absolutely *free* online workshops, which include guest appearances from published authors, agents, and editors. Definitely, worth a look, since many published authors credit Havens with helping them get their start.

And because good karma deserves good press, here's a sneak peek at Havens' August mass market paperback release, Charmed and Ready.


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