Wha-BAM! Colleen's baby gets a rave from PW!

Yes, Virginia! Colleen's forthcoming Triple Exposure scored a glowing review in Publisher's Weekly today. (Insert Texas Woooot! call here!)

The buzz in full:
Thompson (The Salt Maiden) packs this well-paced thriller full of twists and the local color of a small Texas town. Photographer Rachel Copeland has been formally acquitted of the murder of Kyle Underwood, a young man who stalked her, but she remains disgraced in her adopted Philadelphia community, where many still believe she seduced and killed him. Rumors and harassment follow Rachel as she flees to her hometown of Marfa, Texas, where she butts heads with her stepmother, Patsy, and other locals. One of the few people willing to support Rachel is Zeke Pike, a woodcarver with a secret of his own, and they soon wrestle with romantic feelings for each other as mysterious stalkers threaten and try to separate them. Thompson's supporting characters and their tensions are believable, especially Patsy with her multilayered jealousy and unhappiness. The red herrings are exquisitely placed, and the climax will surprise even the most jaded of suspense readers. (Aug.)

Yummy! I smell pull quotes...

Gofightwin, Colleen!


Thanks so much, Joni! I especially heart pull quotes from PW.

Think I'll celebrate by putting off the vacuuming. Oh, the glamorous life of the writer! (VBG)
Suzan Harden said…
Thanks for the enthusiasm, Suzan. And here I was just hoping for a clean carpet! lol!

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