Another great review for Colleen's Triple X

Yeah, I'd say Colleen definitely has, as stated below, gotten her groove back. Fresh Fiction stacked another great review on the soon-to-be-released (and already shipping online) Triple Exposure:
Triple Exposure is the fantastic, fast-paced romantic thriller we've come to expect from a master storyteller as talented as Colleen Thompson. She always satisfies her readers by delivering unique characters, a spellbinding plot and a passionate love affair. Triple Exposure is jam- packed with enough loop-de-loops to keep you guessing, enough sizzle to make your palms sweat and an ending you have to read to believe. You don't want to miss this one!

Publisher's Weekly chimes in:
Thompson (The Salt Maiden) packs this well-paced thriller full of twists and the local color of a small Texas town...The red herrings are exquisitely placed, and the climax will surprise even the most jaded of suspense readers.

Gofightwin Colleen!


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