How Colleen Got Her Groove Back

Feeling much better about life and the W-I-P yesterday and this morning. It turns out one of the best antidotes to an attack of inner critic is a little R&R. So I jettisoned my daily page count Thursday, instead read a rollicking, hilarious novel (Seth Greenland's SHINING CITY is every bit as much fun as its uber-cool video teaser implies), slept in, met critique partners for coffee and happy-yaps, shopped a little, wrote a little, cooked a bit, and watched THE CLOSER (on DVR) with the Fireman, and slept in once again.

This morning the Fireman brought me glasses, tea, and the newspaper... in bed (gotta love him) and guess what? My well has refilled. The snarled mess of a plot has untangled in my brain, and the harpy is as last quiescent.

And I cannot wait to get back to the book and make this sucker happen.

All this is not to say that I can afford to indulge myself every time the grind gets to me. But once in a while, it's just the thing to put a writer back on track.

So what do you do to get your muse's groove back when it's gone AWOL? I'm always looking for some great new tips.


Joni Rodgers said…
Glad for you, Colleen.

Go, Girl, go!
Suzan Harden said…
All right, Colleen! Go! Confront the problem! Win!

For me, to get over the stuck places, either grab some dark chocolate and work on one of the backup WIP that has absolutley nothing to do with the current one...

Or go to a afternoon matinee or (really guilty secret) dig out some of my old comic books. (Yep, my super secret desire is to write the X-Men. Hey, if Jodi Piccoult can write Wonder Woman...)
Thanks, ladies.

Comfort reads can work for me, too, Suzan. And Bluebell Ice Cream. :)
Elen Grey said…
Love the pic with this post.

Well, I went to see Mama Mia yesterday. That did the trick! Meryl Streep can do anything. :-)
Thanks, Elen.

I saw Mama Mia on Broadway and in spite of the fizzy plot, it was such uplighting fun. My sis told me the scenery in the movie's gorgeous. Sounds like a feel-good time.

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