Summer Gadget Alert: Targus Chill Pad

I'm one of those folks who's most comfortable working with my laptop computer on my lap instead of a hard surface, but after a while, the heat gets to me, especially in Houston's sweltering summers. So lately, I've taken to using the Targus Chill Pad, which plugs into a USB port and runs two bitty fans beneath the computer. It's light-weight plastic (i.e. kind of flimsy), and the first one I ordered was DOA, but when I contacted Targus, they replaced it with one I've used nonstop for months now.

I give the unit a thumbs up. Though it's a bit of a pain to move around (I have to remember to lift it from the bottom when moving my computer), it does what it's designed to do.

Anyone else have a favorite writing/computing gadget to share?


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