Eureka Moment of the Week: Sandra K. Moore on The Dark Moment

I attended an excellent workshop this past Saturday, where talented author Sandra K. Moore was speaking about constructing a manuscript.

I had a Eureka moment when she had this to say:

In a well-realized "Dark Moment" (CT note: that all-is-lost point that takes place not long before the climax of most stories), "The protagonist can choose to do the wrong thing and achieve her goal or do the right thing and lose her goal." This is often the point in a manuscript where the hero is faced with the loss of her internal goal.

I'm working on my fifteenth book and having some trouble (as always) pulling together the ending. This was exactly what I needed to hear now.

So what one piece of writing advice has most resonated for you?


Suzan Harden said…
Sandra K. Moore had THE best explanation of the Dark Moment I've heard to date. What also rang true was her explanation of theme as the writer's "emotional truth" and how it was different for every writer because none of us have the same life experiences. It was a terrific workshop, and I'm glad I dragged my butt out of bed for it.
Thank you. I too am struggling with the dark moment on a novel that's due. This is a lightbulb statement, for sure, and very helpful. Wish I could have altered the space-time continuum and attended the workshop.
So glad that others also found this helpful.

Good luck, Jennifer. Maybe we should start a Dark Moment support group. :)

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