The Magic of Word of Mouth

Along with authors Sophie Jordan (Surrender to Me) and Christie Craig (Weddings Can Be Murder), I took part in a book signing yesterday where I watched a wonderful phenomena in action. I like to call it “Book Glow,” that moment when you meet another booklover and gush about a book you’ve recently enjoyed, then blurt those magic words that warm the heart of every author, “You have to read this. It’s great.”

Right there at the table, those who had read one or more of our books were recommending them to strangers, taking the burden of “selling” off our hands (and freeing us to be friendly, cut up, and have a good time, duties at which we collectively excel. Especially the cutting up part.)

Recently, I’ve felt let down by a few of my old standby authors or manipulated by the hype over some huge bestseller. When I try a new author because of a recommendation, I have to admit, I’m predisposed to like the book. I won’t always, since I’m a picky ready, but I’m always glad to check out another writing style and try to see what might have excited the other person about the book.

So in the spirit of sharing, tell me, what was the last read you recommended or the last personally-recommended read you seriously enjoyed? Bonus points for those lesser-known gems that weren’t best sellers but ought to have been, those books we might not hear about anywhere else on the web.


Joni Rodgers said…
Oh, that elusive kiss of angels, word of mouth! It's the IT that a book that has IT has. May we all be blessed with at least a little.

Relative freshies I've recently talked up:

The Marriage of True Minds by Stephen Evans

Kockroach by Tyler Knox

World War Z by Max Brooks

Golden oldies I've suggested in the last few days:

Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis

Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman
Thanks for sharing these, Joni. I loved World War Z. Don't know if I can bring myself to crack a book called Kockroach though. What a title. :) I want to read the Goldman book for sure.

Lately, I've been telling friends to read Deana Raybourne's historical, SILENT IN THE GRAVE, which was recommended to me by members of a book club group where I was speaking. Loved it. (The book also won a RITA a couple of weeks back, so lots of people must agree.)

Right now I'm reading and enjoying a Pamela Clare romantic suspense, UNLAWFUL CONTACT. I've been hearing great things about her for years, but this is the first of her books I've tried.

If you enjoy Tami Hoag (gritty suspense with a tough heroine), you'll love ALIBI MAN, which had a mystery that totally sucker-punched me.
Christie Craig said…
We did have fun, didn't we?

Lark said…
Last Friday I gave Tera Lynn Childs' "Oh.My.Gods." to a friend for her sixteen year old daughter. The girl is a serious athlete so I thought she'd relate to the main character. I was delighted when my friend said her daughter read it this weekend and LOVED it. Another fan for TLC!!
I loved Oh. My. Gods. too, Lark, and have passed it on to several younger readers I know. I'm looking forward to Tera Childs' next one, Goddess Boot Camp, as well.

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