Where are you going, little one?

In the midst of deadline madness this week, Colleen and I are doing something a whole lot harder than handing off a manuscript: we're both sending our kiddos off to college. Having done this for three years now, I wish I could tell first-time empty-nester Colleen that it gets easier, but it doesn't.

I'm thrilled to have my kids go out into the world and live their own lives. And the nest isn't empty; Gary and I are in it, and we take up a LOT of room. We like having the place to ourselves, but still...when I see my baby girl drive away, it feels like a kick in the head.

Up left is five year old Jerusha dancing (she was born dancing!) at the Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston's Museum of Natural Science. And here's the nineteen-year-old evil genius fashionista brainiac, who's about to get a BA in English. I'm still in mommy mode, but so far so good. So, so good.

So please forgive this moment of unabashed sentimentality. Somebody's perfectly lovely dad singing the truest song ever played in an elevator.


OK, I was perfectly cool until I played that schmaltzy video. Thanks a * sniffle * lot, blog buddy. LOL.

It's been a wild week getting the kiddo ready to venture off for the first time. His dad took him this morning, and I'll be driving up on Sat. for the parents' invocation ceremony and to bring him whatever he's forgotten.

Weirdly, this has brought up a lot of memories of venturing out of my own nest for the first time, too. My parents pretty muchly stayed out of the process, which in some ways may have been better. Sure the learning curve was steep, but learn I did, and quickly.

We'll see how I feel when the dust settles and things calm down.
Joni Rodgers said…
I'll be standing by with a chai latte in one hand and a cell phone in the other.
What a great pix of Jerusha; she's as smart and together a young woman as I wasn't as her age.

I may take you up on that chai latte, thanks. ;) Let me know if you want to go up to the parent thingee on Sat. together. Mike's working.

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