Hurricane check in from Joni

Hi Family, Friends, and Cohorts ~

First thanks, everyone, for all the well-wishes and concern in the wake of Hurricane Ike. We’re okay, but still without power. Cells are iffy, but we are able to get some text msgs in and out.

Ike (the boy, not the hurricane) is in Tampa, so he’s just chortling at the rest of us. Jerusha and her housemates had a hurricane party up in Huntsville Fri/Sat during the storm. She volunteered at the shelter the next day, then evacuated to Killeen, where she’s staying with Josh and family until classes resume at the university.

Gary and I lost a couple of trees, lots of limbs and branches, some roofing, bits and pieces of front and back porches, and about 50 ft of fencing. Many, many trees down in our neighborhood. Heartbreaking. We spent the last few days lumberjacking and cleaning up debris, trying to feel lucky as our hands turn to raw hamburger. We know we got off easy compared to a lot of folks south of us. Thank God, the weather has cooled off – 80s by day, 50s by night – which helps a lot.

Our wonderful neighbors, George and Tony, let us plug our refrigerator into their generator. Right now, I'm at Colleen's bumming a ride on her wi fi and running a load of seriously foul laundry. No idea when my office will be back up and running, but us and pups made it through. And -- no small blessing -- the water and sewage were working again fairly quickly. Latest estimate from the power company says we should have electricity by Monday. (Please, dear baby Jesus, let us have power Monday!)

Thanks to all for your love and concern. Our love and concern goes out to all our friends and folks around Houston.

(I love you Mom and Dad! Don't worry!)


mamele said…
very glad you are OK. and what a nice mitzvah jerusha did.

may your power come back soon. we're thinking of everyone down there....

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