In case we've been blown away...

I'm scheduling this post in advance, anticipating the loss of electricity and internet in the next few hours. We gave up on getting plywood for the windows but managed to grab the last gas grill on the shelf at Home Depot. By the time this appears on the blog, I expect we'll be having one of those "humbled by the force of nature" experiences. Hopefully, we'll be able to find wi fi and a strong cup of coffee by Sunday morning.

This poem caught my ear on yesterday's Writer's Almanac:

Where I Am With You
by Ryan Vine

Waking from a nap,
we stand at the window
watching dark clouds crawl
across the sky, whip
state-sized wisps
down and out and up.

Lights come on early,
and people below
on the street scurry
and bumble about
My arm around you, you say—
Let it rain, let it pour.

(From the book Distant Engines.)


elengreywriter said…
Hang in there Joni and Colleen. Stay safe.
Gillian Layne said…
Joni and Colleen, I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way. We've even got flood watches and warnings here in SE Kansas. The reach of these storms is amazing.

Take care.
Colleen Thompson here.

Blogger won't let me log in to post but wanted to report that both Joni & I are ok. Our houses survived (unlike some neighbors') but we have no power, Internet (I begged to borrow someone's aircard connexn for a few minutes), or phones.

I may be relocating temporarily to San Antonio, as my power's estimated to be out for 4-6 weeks. Hope Joni has better luck!

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