Saturday Vid: Author Gets Slammed by Grandmother, Press, the World

When bestselling thriller (and graphic) novelist Brad Meltzer's latest offering, The Book of Lies, received some... well, less than enthusiastic reviews, Brad took 'em in stride and put together this hilarious trailer.

You've gotta love an author with a sense of humor, and a feel for the power of viral video. Plus, the audacious premise which links the murder of the father of the young boy who subsequently created (the bulletproof) Man of Steel with the world's first murder, committed by Cain.

I'm also including a way cool conspiracy-theory promotional video (featuring Joss Whedon) on the book to whet your appetite. I loved this, but for the record, I picked up THE BOOK OF LIES the old-fashioned way -- because it caught my eye at the bookstore and I the idea sounded too intriguing to put it down and walk away.

Your book's on my nightstand, Brad, and I really like your style!


Christie Craig said…
Too Funny.

This is really what you call making lemonade out of lemons.

EmilyBryan said…
Very clever. I guess the old adage is true.

All publicity is good publicity.
Joni Rodgers said…
Way hilarious.

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