This Just In: Yay!

I promised myself I'd be finished this draft by September 1st, so I'd have sufficient time to edit. But the story kept growing and growing, becoming The Manuscript That Ate My Brain. So for the past two days, I've glued myself to my chair and fell straight down the rabbit hole.

And what did I find at the bottom, but a (drum roll please) completed draft. Nothing, nothing at all (not even *that*) feels better. So please 'scuse us (Mr. Kool Aid and Jimi are both on my team for this go-round) while we kiss the sky.

And yes, it's September 2nd. Wanta make somethin' of it? ;)


Elen Grey said…
Drinks all around! I like Kool-Aid.

Nope. No one would want to mess with you today, Colleen. lol
Joni Rodgers said…

Gofightwin book!

Enjoy a hard-earned day of deep breathing, Colleen.
Thanks, Elen & Joni!

Tragically, I'm enjoying a day of catching up on errands before launching into editing. Much work remains to be done.

But perhaps an eensy margarita's in order this evening. :)
Gillian Layne said…
Congratulations!!!!!! :)
Thanks, Gillian! I wish every aspiring writer who's started countless projects knew how great it feels to actually *finish* a novel.

Of course, then we'd have even more competition for the job!:)

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