Why Ike Bites

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I'm okay and my house survived. Received a text from Joni saying they're okay and the house is standing. With so many homes damaged, that alone is a real blessing.

There's no power here, no phones, and no Internet (but a few of the myriad reasons Ike bites). I managed to borrow a neighbor's aircard connection briefly but won't have it for long.

The power restoration estimate in my community is 4 to 6 weeks. If I don't hear differently, I'm relocating (sans hubby, who's working in the Houston Fire Dept.) to San Antonio. Will check in from there in a few days if I go that route.

Meanwhile, I have hot and cold water, a gas grill, and some great neighbors who've snaked an extension cord to their generator. Everyone here is pitching in to help with downed tree removal )off of cars and homes in some cases), yard clean up, and finding fuel, ice, and other precious resources. It kind of feels like a giant block party and really serves to bond us, though in the most expensive and inconvenient way.

I hope all of you reading this are okay as well. Take care...


elengreywriter said…
Thanks for the update, Colleen. My heart just goes out to everyone. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

And to all rescue personnel, like your guy, what would we do without you. You're fierce!
Gillian Layne said…
I second Elen--those rescue personnel are the true heroes, all the way.

I'm so glad you're safe, but I'm so sorry for everyone dealing with the aftermath. Thanks for letting us know.
timothyjlambert said…
I'm glad y'all are okay. =)
Joni's Dad in Montana said…
Thanks Colleen. Gary just called (7pm 9-16) and said he and Joni are fine with an extension cord running from their neighbors generator running their refrigerator. Two trees and a fence down but they are all okay. Jerusha was off volunteering at a shelter.Thanks again Colleen for the update. Joni's Dad
I just saw Joni and she's doing fine and is in good spirits. Had a little property damage, but they're managing. We have a pact that whoever gets power first will text message the other to come and do laundry once we're caught up. :) Things are getting better here. More gas and supplies available.

My area's already begun getting back power. I'm still off but crossing my fingers. Feel lucky to have occasional Internet.

Take care.

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