Crime and legal researchapalooza resources

Up to my bloodshot eyes in research this week, I discovered a few excellent resources for searching case law, procedural stuff, and Supreme Court decisions: offers two searchable sites, one for professional (cases and codes, marketing advice, latest court related news, and lots more) and one for consumers (basics of family and divorce law, small biz, and when your kid is in trouble type stuff).

The Justia Supreme Court Center offers a searchable data base of decisions, info on the justices, and PDF files of arguments, plus links to various and sundry related stuff. features a nifty virtual tour of chambers and facilities, audio files of oral arguments, and lots more.

The University of Missouri-Kansas School of Law has a great data base of famous trials from the interrogation of Socrates to the mutiny on the Bounty to the Chicago 7, Manson murders, and impeachment of President Clinton. More than you ever needed to know about the McMartin Pre-School or Lizzie Borden. (Warning! You will get sucked in for hours!)


Must...resist...gravitational pull of way-cool research.

(Panting with exertion)

But taking note of all this.
Gillian Layne said…
Very cool!

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