How to Avoid Criticism

There's really only one way...

To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)

And even then, you'll have your mother or your old man or some other spoilsport riding you, asking you why the hell you never get up off the couch.

So I guess we've established that criticism is a part of life. So you might as well be happy doing whatever you're being flailed about.

As for me, I choose to write books, risk rejection, pick myself up and write another and another. I have something to say, and this is how I choose to say it. To the very best of my ability.

So what about you? Are you sitting around waiting for some sort of guarantee of universal acceptance? Seriously. Or are you going to finish polishing that book, research those markets, and (you know who you are) finally get that query or submission in the mail?


Elen Grey said…
Love, love the quote.
Gillian Layne said…
Ouch. Have you been talking with my CP's? :)

Great quote.
Thanks! I love that quote, too.

And yes, Gillian, your CPs are sending me weekly updates. LOL.
Jo Anne said…
Love the quote, Colleen. Rejection is tough, isn't it? On our need for acceptance, that need to feed our ego. But what the hell, can't win if you don't play.

Off to write....
Kim Lenox said…
Thank you Colleen! I needed that little pep talk this morning as I sit down to tackle copy edits. :)

I just tell myself that I don't love love love everyone else's books or style or humor (or whatever) so how can I expect the entire world population to love mine? Rejection stings, but it's going to happen.
Glad you stopped by, Jo Anne & Kim. And very glad you're both out in the trenches.

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