Lifestyles of the Creative and Unconventional

Last year, my son's Christmas stocking was plumped with two books that were perfect for his gap year travel lifestyle: Ayun Halliday's hilarious No Touch Monkey and the Lonely Planet guide to Cambodia. This year, Ike's back in school and as Henry Miller said, "there is only one great adventure and that is inward toward the self..." So I just ordered The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People by career counselor Carol Eikleberry, PhD.

...So this is not a set of how-to-do-it tips for boneheads. Instead, consider this book your invitation to adventure. By adventure I mean personal growth: the spiritual quest to become the person you were born to become. The adventure begins when you set out to develop your own unique potential instead of following conventional expectations to become like someone else. It is a hero's journey, undertaken not only to develop your own potential but also to return with a gift for the world.

I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, check out Dr. Eikleberry's pragmatic Tips for Life/Work Transitions, which I plan to post on my Wall o' Smartness. Transitioning from project to project can be a mindbender, and I always flounder and flail through it. Might not hurt to try it with a sane survival strategy.


Susan C said…
I love those six tips for transitions. I'm going through several transitions at the moment - professionally, personally and medically - and these tips really help.
Joni Rodgers said…
It really makes sense, doesn't it?

Thanks for stopping by, Susan. Hang in there!

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